ASTINAVE EP, as part of a process of change, accountable and transparent, takes into account the social and environmental implications arising out of your line of business. It has environmental license and complies with environmental laws and ordinances applying environmental emergency plans to mitigate the occurrence of the risks identified in the community.

Perform periodic drills to measure the effectiveness of contingency plans, constantly evaluates the impacts generated by climate change impacts, measures the carbon footprint and develop processes that minimize or compensate. also it integrates environmental criteria for qualification and selection of suppliers, and sensitizes the community about the risks to the environment and the impact of its activities on the environment.

ASTINAVE EP controls the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer, it is constantly working to raise awareness on reducing consumption of natural resources, internally and with the community.

Monitors and manages energy consumption, water, timber and non-renewable raw materials, considered and applied environmental criteria in evaluating new investments and / or purchase of natural resources as raw material.

ASTINAVE EP manages and has adequately waste and waste according to the laws for environmental management, for this purpose has shares recycling, reuse and replacement of materials and resources.

Systems and technologies apply cleaner production, develop joint initiatives with suppliers and customers to improve their environmental management processes and the potential environmental impacts that may be generated.