MBA with majoring in Quality Management and Productivity from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador – PUCE in Quito. Electrical Engineer from the Cuenca University, He served like Analysis Engineer and Control of Energy in the Corporation National Center for Energy Control – CENACE in Quito, also he was Technical of Control Management at the National Electricity Corporation – CNEL in Guayaquil. Since 2011, He began his functions in Astilleros Navales Ecuatorianos – ASTINAVE EP

Auditor of the protocol “Do right, do it better”, Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditor Lead. Yellow Belt – SIX SIGMA. He participated in the IPADE – Pan American University (IPADE), (Mexico City – Mexico) and in the International Course of Continuity and Update CICA 2013 “New Challenges & Opportunities”.

As a student of the Engineering Faculty, he created the “CANE ULTRASONIC” project, merit was recognized in the XII International Congress of “Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Systems” 2005 in Lima – Peru. His technical papers in electric fields and management systems have been published in ENERGIA (2009/2012) and ECUACIER (2010) magazines. He currently serves as Director of Strategy, assuming roles in Information Technology and Communication, Integral management and Social Communication.